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COVID-19 Safety Procedures


Only members are able to participate in Trakkers events. 

Adult members can sign up their children (age 17 and under) for Sunday Trips and Ski Lessons by logging into their account and following the instructions. By signing up your children for Sunday Trips, they will be considered members of Trakkers.

Please note that children will be subject to the same provisions for vaccination and screening as adults. Currently, this means that only children born 2009 or earlier can be fully vaccinated (since an individual is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their second dose). 

Sunday Trips

  • All participants must be members of Trakkers and pre-registered for the Sunday Trip. Guests and Standbys are not permitted.

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated. This includes children.

  • Child participants must be accompanied by the adult participant who registered them for the Sunday Trip.

  • Before boarding the bus all participants must show all of the following:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times while on the bus.  Face shields, buffs, scarves and bandanas are not face masks. 

    • Face masks may only be removed if eating or drinking. Outside of lunchtime, eating and drinking should be limited to "only if necessary" (health reasons).

  • Face masks must be worn around the bus when social distancing is not possible. This includes:

    • Waiting in line;

    • Waiting to board the bus; and

    • Loading or unloading equipment.


Sunday Trips Policy still applies.


Cancellations can be made at any time before Thursday at 9:00 p.m. If you need to cancel after Thursday at 9:00 p.m. because you have developed COVID-19 symptoms or are required to isolate due to exposure to COVID-19, please let us know by emailing Turn on JavaScript!. We will credit your account with your bus fare that can be used later this season.  Out of respect for the volunteers that run the club and fellow Trakkers members, we trust that our members will be truthful and not take advantage of this for reasons outside of COVID-19.

Ski Lessons

  • Participants must be pre-registered for ski lessons.

  • In order to take a ski lesson, participants must arrive on the bus. Prior to boarding the bus, participants must show ID and proof of full vaccination, and results of COVID-19 screening questions from CanaTrace.

  • Participants will meet instructors outside the resort.

  • Participants must maintain social distancing between other participants and the ski instructor.

  • Face masks must be worn if social distancing is not possible.

Non-Compliance with Procedure

Non-compliance with these procedures is a serious act of misconduct and will result in discipline up to and including dismissal, exclusion from Trakkers activities, or other consequences as applicable depending on the individual’s relationship to Trakkers.


All are welcome!

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