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All Trakkers' members and their guests are entitled to free skiing lessons. Trakkers' team of CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) certified instructors provide lessons on Sunday Trips. Lessons begin 45 minutes after getting off the bus.  Typically they last 1 hour and 15 min.


Our Instructors








Lesson Signup

The types of lessons offered on each trip will be announced on our website and Facebook page one week prior to each trip. You must sign up for your lesson when you book your Sunday Trip online by 9:00 pm on the Thursday before the upcoming Sunday trip.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide lessons to skiers who have not booked in advance.

Types of Lessons

1. Children (Children’s lessons are based on demand, please email Turn on JavaScript! for details)

For children ages 6 to 12; these lessons include fun activities that develop skiing skills.

2. Beginners (Classic)

There are 2 types of beginner lessons:

  • Absolute Beginners:
    You have never skied before or have not skied for at least 20 years.
  • Experienced Beginners:
    You are comfortable on your skis, can glide, herringbone up and snowplow down a very gentle hill, or are new to cross country skiing but have downhill skiing experience.

3. Intermediate (Classic)

You can transfer weight, glide, herringbone up and snowplow down a moderate hill, but want more skill and confidence.

4. Advanced Classic 

These lessons are for skiers who have mastered their intermediate skills and want to up their game, or who are thinking of teaching.

5. Beginner Skate

Suitable for participants who have never skated before. We recommend having or renting skate skis.

6. Intermediate Skate

For those with some experience in skating and can master free skate.

7. Advanced Skate

These lessons are for skiers who have mastered their intermediate skills and want to learn more technique, or who are thinking of teaching.

8. Beginner Hills

If you are hesitant on hills, this is the class for you!

Work slowly with your instructor to feel comfortable going up and down gentle hills.

9. Intermediate Hills

These lessons are suitable for a skier who has mastered beginner hill skills such as herringbone up a hill and a basic snow plow down a gentle hill.

This class will progress to moderate hills.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants must travel by bus and must be symptom-free, double vaccinated and present COVID screening prior to boarding the bus.

New to X-Country Skiing?

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For more information, email us at Turn on JavaScript! .

All are welcome!

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